A quem interessa a fraude do aquecimento global?

Essa é a pergunta que sempre me faço: a quem interessa essa fraude? Uma hipótese é que tenha sido uma tática secundária de desqualificação do capitalismo que acabou virando um bom negócio capitalista! Só mesmo uma tese apocalíptica justificaria tanto investimento contra uma fonte de energia tão barata e eficiente – ainda que inegavelmente poluente.

O interessante no texto abaixo é a notícia de que cientistas russos trabalham com a tese inversa: a de um esfriamento global iminente. Como a Rússia é um dos maiores produtores de petróleo, junto com a Arábia Saudita, um esfriamento significaria um aumento no consumo e nos preços. Uma tática diversionista típica da KGB? Pode ser…

Mesmo assim, a pergunta permance sem resposta: a que interessa a fraude?

“All energy on earth comes from the sun in the form or both radiation including visible light and invisible ultraviolet and from variable streams of charged particles from solar eruptions or from holes in the suns corona.

When the sun is very active, there is more radiation to directly warm the earth and ultraviolet to form and destroy ozone in low and middle latitudes in the high atmosphere, both reactions releasing heat.

When the sun is more active and the earths magnetic field in energized, less cosmic rays which have a low cloud enhancement capability can penetrate the atmosphere from space. Low clouds cool the earth by reflecting the sun’s radiation. And during these active sun times, there are less low clouds and more sun to warm the earth.

For all these reasons an active sun means a warmer earth, a quiet sun a cooler earth.

The Sun contains 99.8% of the mass of solar system. Its constant hydrogen fueled atomic fusion consumes more mass in a second that all the fossil fuel ever burned on Earth. It is difficult to imagine man’s activities overwhelming the heat from the Sun. But, that is exactly what global warming advocates want you to believe.

Indeed, as the chart above showed clearly, the solar cycles clearly synchronize better with historical ups and downs in temperatures far better than anything man has done.

According to the NASA solar experts Earth is emerging from an 11 year solar cycle that began in May of 1996. In theory that cycle would have ended a couple of years ago. Longer cycles are often precursors to a quiet sun. And many solar scientists are now predicting a much quieter sun in our very near future, some suggest as quiet as during the last little ice age. The Russian Academy has actually issued an Imminent Global Cooling Warning.” clique para ler mais