Faça você mesmo

Para quem gosta de Teorias de Conspiração, encontrei o genuino Tabajara’s Conspiracy Theory Generator! Dê um pulo lá e crie você mesmo a SUA teoria de conspiração!

Seguem dois rápidos exemplos de teorias criadas por mim com a ajuda do TCTG:

“The UFO sitings over São Paulo are actually mass hallucinations engineered by FHC to make Lula and other enemies of Opus Dei think they are not alone. In the ensuing paranoia, FHC and Opus Dei plan to impedir a reeleição. If you see UFOs, close your eyes – it’s all a trick. Meanwhile, a special task force led by Mino Carta is being set up to tackle the problem. “

“Obviously FHC is carrying out a covert war against the armies of Lula in São Paulo. Very soon Opus Dei, who is currently only supplying weapons to FHC, will join in. PT has a number of nuclear devices hidden in Brasil which Opus Dei is trying to steal to help win the war and impedir a reeleição. We must help Mino Carta to stop them, or we are all doomed!

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