O ponto de vista da Cabala

Segundo Shimon Halevi (em inglês, pq não achei a tradução em digital, mas em português, chama-se “A Árvore da Vida”, Biblioteca Planeta):

“The relative Universe hovers between two poles. All and Nothing. Either end of this fluctuating axis may be seen as Nothing or All, as both become the entry and exit points for the Absolute who stands apart from Creation. Here we have the full reality. All else is, to the ultimate observer, illusion —a cosmic drama composed and dissolved in a cyclic round of plays within plays from the subtlest reverberations in the Highest worlds to the slowest movements and changes in the coursest Materiality.

The Absolute has no direct contact with creation yet Being permeates through the matrix of the Universe, supporting it like the silence behind every sound. Without this negative reality nothing could come into existence, as shadow can not manifest without light. Here in the relative world we move amid particles and waves never for the most part suspecting that what we touch is always disappearing, and what we see is not really there. Solidity is a charade, a temporary state of nothing, frozen for a time into a form that is familiar to us, who are ourselves but travellers in the ever changing scenery called earth.

Creation is separate from its creator even more than a modern production of Hamlet is far removed from Shakespeare. Yet creation bears its Author’s hand and though the actors may interpret, the play remains essentially as the Master conceived it. The relative Universe, like our analogy of a play, is constructed in the same design with protagonists and supporting cast set against a series of backgrounds in which different roles, seeking to find equilibrium, create and operate dramatic events known as evolution. The relationships between the various actors or forces is very precise, though they may take up different attitudes under specific conditions. This set of combinations is laid out in the Tree of Life so that a given situation may be examined and its participants and their true status be revealed.”

E agora: transcendente, imanente?

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