Every man fights his own war

What’s this war in the heart of nature ?
Why does nature vie with itself ?
The land contend with the sea?
Is there an avenging power in nature?
Not one power, but two?
I remember my mother when she was dying.
Looked all shrunk up and gray.
I asked her if she was afraid.
She just shook her head.
I was afraid to touch the death I seen in her.
I heard people talk about immortality, but I ain’t seen it.
l wondered how it’d be when I died.
What it’d be like to know that this breath now was the last one you was ever gonna draw.
l just hope I can meet it the same way she did.
With the same… calm.
Cos that’s where it’s hidden – the immortality l hadn’t seen.

Monólogo inicial de Além da Linha Vermelha (Thin Red Line)

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